Partly, the English education can be in comparison with professional education offered universities and by technical schools of the CIS countries. The idea of “later” incorporates all types of education using the exclusion of higher education, geared toward training or obtaining, including programs for entry into schools, after school.

What kind of education is essential for entry? For entry towards the subsequent configuration of the plan that is English needs a qualification of bill of comprehensive supplementary GSCE such as for example: the Certificate of Secondary Schooling.


English pupils who’ve graduated from about and senior high school to get yourself a first advanced schooling, presented a two- year training program for school. These packages are known as A-levels. Access A- software separates and frequently and the education method that is British overseas students visiting research in britain, begin their training with packages specifically A-degrees.

Student In A-levels selects themes for study, guided from the school, where he plans to-do by the end of A’s specifications -ranges. Upon end of their reports in the A- quantities student rents examinations on topics analyzed 3-4. These exams will also be school entrance tests.

The software An is offered by English schools -levels, termed -form?? – Colleges year after 5 decades of supplementary education that is obligatory that is British.

Cornerstone – training course within the School

In the UK, you will find two varieties of Cornerstone applications. Foundation for overseas pupils is often called Worldwide Foundation. These plans were created for overseas students who have graduated from the ones wishing to enter the UK universities and senior school in the home. Because the English system of two – year course in senior school A-amounts are required for UK individuals, students who graduated while in the CIS countries from high school, it is required to complement their supplementary schooling to some UK college for entrance. Basis Plans for Students, enable you to prepare for access into a British school in the program.

Base, lets you mix review with function. English schools and businesses develop jointly these programs, and train specialists, who soon after the study head to the company that was correct.

Education that is qualified

The varieties and methods for the planning of skilled credentials in britain are very diversified. Pupils can blend activities that are professional and function, receiving capabilities and a crucial encounter. One of the most common topics studied at education packages that are skilled – organization, cultural work, IT development, artwork and style, engineering, hairdressing.

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